“Who is this Pryke Person anyway?”

Tell Tales | Julie Pryke

Hi, I’m Julie Pryke

I’m a Yorkshire mum of 3, and have 4 grandchildren.

I’ve had a lot of practice telling stories to my own family, and have developed the art of making some up on the spot, based on the child’s suggestion(s). I’m also good at inventing games and tricks to play with children of varying ages.

I may have had more experience doing this online than average as Thomas (16) and his sister Finnja (13) were born and live in Bavaria, though they are seamlessly bilingual. Kian (7) and his sister Ayla (5) moved with their parents from Birmingham to Toronto 3 years ago. My middle son lives nearby but doesn’t have any kids, it’s lovely to have him around though. He and his brothers have all helped me develop my technical skills and the one in Germany is the key person for the website, thanks for that!

I’ve run playgroups and play-schemes and have been a participant at Ilkley and at Cleckheaton Literature Festivals. I also go into Nursery and Primary schools for story-telling sessions in Bradford and in Birmingham.

I’m a “born story-teller” and a member of Bradford Writers Circle. I’m still learning but when I grow up I want to tell more children’s stories!

So join me, relax and have fun!

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My Illustrators:

Joanne Tordoff
a close friend, Special Needs Teacher, artist. She illustrated ‘TellTales’ and, with me, jointly illustrated ‘ Tell Tales Online’ , and ‘The Animal Olympics’.
Anna Leliwa
a American professional artist and illustrator who illustrated ‘The Christmas Wrapping Paper’.
Humilta A Holmes
another friend and member of Bradford Writers Circle, a skilled graphic designer, Abigail illustrated ‘The Mice and The Owls’
Tracey Challis
an amazing artist whohas just finished squirreling away to complete the illustrations for ‘Alicia’s Garden’, signed copies of which will be available on this website or on Tracey’s Etsy UK  or Instagram sites @thecoppermouse