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Episode 9 Story Poems Correct edition

Lots of poems and limericks in this Podcast and help in writing your own. This is a revised version of the previous posting. All sound quality corrected and missing piece added. Transcript as usual on https://www.telltales2kids.com. Enjoy  Transcript: Music : Tell

Episode 8 Special Edition with Guest

This podcast has a special guest, Thomas almost 17, an avid story-reader, listener, podcast enthusiast and now story-teller  It is a discussion on the benefits of story-telling for all participants and how very positive relationships can be developed through the a

Episode 6:A story for an angry child

This episode is designed to help you help a child understand anger or upset which they feel they can’t control. It has a story attached, maybe to be talked through with them after they’ve listened with you. It also contains an exercise to get your teeth into! Hope

Episode 5 – Timing (Text and story)

Hello, Welcome to ‘TellTales2kids’, the podcast that helps you develop your skills in telling your own stories, making them up and sharing them with your (younger) children.  my name is Julie Pryke, Storyteller and Children’s Author and most importantly, I’m a Nan

Episode 4: A Naughty Story

“Why a naughty story?” you say in horror! Well, what better title to attract children of a certain age? In my opinion children need to know: a) firstly, just what naughtiness is; they need to be able to tell the difference between naughtiness, which is really taki

Christmas stories and games

a few ideas to enjoy stories and games at Christmas. Please leave feedback on www.telltales2kids.com It would be really helpful. Thanks!

Episode 2 Character development

Summary of TellTales2kids Podcast A podcast for anyone interested in learning how to tell stories for children to enjoy. Episode 2: Developing Characters It’s important to think how to develop believable characters, suitable for the child’s age and experience.Bear

A Freeby: Episode 1 of My podcast

A podcast for anyone interested in learning how to tell stories for children to enjoy.It doesn’t matter whether they are with you or not, you can still have contact through the internet, with or without a video screen, or can phone, email or write to them.I starte