Santa Discovers the Winternet

Join Santa as he navigates the digital age in this festive tale! With modern technology baffling him, Rudolph helps Santa get tech-savvy. But when video games captivate Santa, it’s up to Mrs. Claus to ensure the holiday spirit prevails.

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Graham the Gosling

Don’t miss this delightful tale of Graham the Gosling, who persuades his family to move to Canada. He is a Canada Goose after all!

Illustrated by my, then 14 years old, grandaughter Finnja!

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The Witches’ Home

The Witches’ Home is a delightful, fun packed, view of what the witches and wizards do in their spare time. It may remind the readers of their favourite adults!

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Under My Bed

Someone is missing! Where can he be? Come and look in the book with me! A delightful story for young children as they search for all the treasures on the pages for that special bedtime friend!

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Alicia’s Garden

A delightful story of Alicia and her friends as they visit her mum Flora’s allotment. There is some magic afoot, as the Giggleberries and Cherry Bombe Icecream bushes grow alongside the Sunflowers, Raspberries and Peas. There’s a fairy who’s come to help, some frogs and foxes, squirrels, moles and beautiful Buddleia.

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The Animal Olympics

This delightful story takes you through the idea of the Animal Olympics as they may have developed – thanks to a rainy day, a pet dog and a bored child with an artistic bent. Missing your sports – this is THE book for you!

Filled with rhymes, pictures and awful puns…

this is a book for children of all ages – a book which can be enjoyed over and over again. After all, it is…

The one and only…

That magnificent, spectacular, unique event…


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Beaten Track Publishing (Book)
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The Mice and the Owls

Three little mice go out one day and make an unusual friendship.

A delightful read-aloud picture book poem…

about the friendship between five little woodland animals which will make you:


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The Christmas Wrapping Paper

The Christmas Wrapping Paper is a delightful, dream-like, adventure story, particularly suitable for Christmas  as Jenny has her Christmas Eve Adventure!

Jenny loves her new Christmas wrapping paper…

it’s full of pictures of Santa, Rudolf and the elves, as well as the sleigh with lots of toys and presents. She hangs it on her bedroom wall and is surprised when, as she peeps at it, everything seems to move!

But Rudolf has disappeared. How will Santa deliver all the presents now? Oh, no!

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Tell Tales Online

The companion TellTales Online workbook is now out of print but there are 10 copies available (seconds) which have a couple of slight misprints, and are available free on a first-come-first-served basis when you order ‘TellTales’. This offer includes a (cardboard) bookstand to use with the book.

This book contains…

  • More stories
  • Models to make
  • An alphabet
  • A ‘Reader’s Guide’ section to help on age appropriate games that can be played online
  • Info about safety online
  • And so much more…

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Tell Tales

A book designed to help you use your imagination,
And develop your skills in storytelling!

• Is there a place for story-telling in your life?
• Do you love stories?
• Do you love reading them?
• Listening to them?
• Love telling them to others?
• Have you tried making them up for the children in your life?

Then Tell Tales, will help you learn the techniques of inventing, telling and writing stories for children. A delightful book with easy and fun ideas for story-telling and story games.

YES! You can do it!

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