The Witches’ Home


The Witches’ Home is a delightful, fun packed, view of what the witches and wizards do in their spare time. It may remind the readers of their favourite adults!



What do witches and wizards do when they retire?

Well, there’s plenty of mischief at Nana’s retirement home, with young witch Lizzie and Jack the gnome around to help.

A magical time for all readers, with two versions of the stories, one for experienced readers, in red, and another easier version, in blue, for everyone. The poems can be read separately, or together for the full picture, though the beautiful, fun, zany illustrations almost speak for themselves.

They have fun gardening, baking, having parties, until one day, Oh No! a storm comes along…
They do their own repairs of course, and take the chance to add in some more fun and games.

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