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Happy New Year to all of you!

On Monday 4th January I am launching my Crowdfunder page for my new book ‘Tell Tales Online’ which is an activity companion book to ‘Tell Tales’ (thanks for all your interest in that by the way). It contains more stories, games and things to make, as well as help with getting online with your children, safety online and so on. Of course you can also use it offline as well!

I need your help with this book because, whilst happy to sell the book for me, my publisher is unable to produce the book as the printing style , spiral-bound, is not available to them.

So I am producing it myself and have run into some unexpected costs. Please could you consider helping to fund the book? Any contribution, latge or small will be gratly appreciated and I am offering several rewards for this, including a copy of one or both of the books, a set of bookmarks, a story-telling session and so on. Everyone gets my heartfelt thanks of course but the additional rewards just depend on how much you can support the fund-raising.

Another way of supporting that would be really helpful to me would be to tell all your contacts about the Crowd-funding for the book, spread the word and encourage them to support me either financially and/or by spreading the word even further.

See you on Monday and please look at the link given then and watch the video we’ve made which will tell you all about it.

Thanks very much!

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