The Animal Olympics -a peep!

Here you are – a sneaky peek at a couple of pages from the book!

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Julie Pryke Written by:

Mum of 3, with 4 grandchildren, from a new born right up to 10 years of age. She has been a play-group and play scheme leader, worked with youth and community groups; was a College lecturer. She is a “born story-teller” and a member of Bradford Writers Circle. She’s still learning but when she grows up she wants to tell more children’s stories!


  1. Shelley- Anne Vaughan
    22 October 2020

    Hello Julie,
    A friend recommended your books as a gift for my granddaughter. Thank you for the peep into your books, they will be very suitable for this budding reader and parents. I might even have the chance to read to you,

    • Julie Pryke
      22 October 2020

      Hi Shelley, thank you so much, and thank you for buying The Christmas Wrapping Paper as well as Alicia’s Garden. I’m sure she’ll enjoy both. But I’m intrigued that I may hear you – tell me more as I’d be delighted to do so. BTW did you spot my first ever podcast on how to make up and tell stories to children, on the extras page? I’m just about to record another episode. The children singing are my 2 youngest grandchildren. I’ll get the books to you asap. Julie

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