Feeling good!

I hope you and yours are all okay! Despite the difficult times we are all living in at the moment, I am pleased that it has given me some time to write a new book Alicia’s Garden, to get it beautifully illustrated and sent it off to the publisher. It is due out in the Autumn but if you have a look on the Books page you can get further details about the book, once the due date is known, but without any obligation to buy.

When did you last eat a Giggleberry? Alicia loves gardening and spends a lot of time in her mum’s allotment – enjoying the amazing flowers and bushes and having adventures with her friends and all the animals that live there.

With the help of one of my sons, the website has been updated and I have learnt how to start doing it myself! I do hope you like it.

And now there’s a new book being illustrated – ‘Under My Bed’ so keep watching this space. And please take care of yourselves.

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Mum of 3, with 4 grandchildren, from a new born right up to 10 years of age. She has been a play-group and play scheme leader, worked with youth and community groups; was a College lecturer. She is a “born story-teller” and a member of Bradford Writers Circle. She’s still learning but when she grows up she wants to tell more children’s stories!

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