Learning to Crowdfund is proving good fun!

Reindeer and Ayla 1Well, I’ve survived my first week and overall really enjoyed it and think it is very useful and will help me achieve my goal of getting my second book and bookstand published. I’ve had some very generous funding from a few friends already but really need more support from friends, family and other Social Media users, whoever you are! It would be wonderful if you can help financially and also by sharing my blog, my emails, my Facebook or Twitter whichever you’ve come across, and there are rewards galore for anyone who supports.

Here’s a picture from one of the stories in the new book and here again is the link!

TellTales Online Crowdfunder.co.uk

Thank you so much

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Mum of 3, with 4 grandchildren, from a new born right up to 10 years of age. She has been a play-group and play scheme leader, worked with youth and community groups; was a College lecturer. She is a “born story-teller” and a member of Bradford Writers Circle. She’s still learning but when she grows up she wants to tell more children’s stories!

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