Joshua’s Surprise Party – link below!

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I am now part of the Leocrowd fundraiser for the development of the stand which goes with my new book ‘Tell Tales Online’. I would love your support in helping to fund this – there is a great reward for anyone who does – and some quite big ones too! If you are unable to fund at the moment then please still help me by liking, sharing and commenting on the page as I want the project to succeed!

I have been putting part of one of the stories from the book on the page each day – hope you’ll enjoy reading it and the great illustrations, there are six parts altogether and it’s aimed at 3 or 4 year olds. Please look now – and enjoy.

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Mum of 3, with 4 grandchildren, from a new born right up to 10 years of age. She has been a play-group and play scheme leader, worked with youth and community groups; was a College lecturer. She is a “born story-teller” and a member of Bradford Writers Circle. She’s still learning but when she grows up she wants to tell more children’s stories!

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